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Visit with Frank Novel; Erie, PA

January 2012 update:

Through Lee Steadman, director of Erie’s City Center Arts, I was able to make copy photos and scans from 32 of Frank’s notebooks: 


notebook of Frank Novel click here for  60 examples from Frank’s notebook pages







Frank Novel; Erie, PA 2011

Frank lives in a low income apartment building in downtown Erie.  We missed seeing him in person before Christmas when Stairways Behavioral Health had their annual art sale, but purchased a 3×4 inch etching of his.  It shows “Gretta Groupie,” a recurring character in Frank’s work whom he told me comes from a comic strip in Circus, a 70’s rock and roll magazine.  That era seems to have been a formative influence, and Frank has vintage cassette tapes of himself reciting poetry and playing guitar.  Music is an animating force for his art-making, and he talks about music playing in his head while he often draws in silence.  He also likes to attend outdoor concerts (especially Erie’s annual Blues and  Jazz Festival), and draw to the live music.  I found an old issue of Circus [July 1970 issue], and here (I hope under “fair use”) is the original Gretta, and our etching purchase from last year (middle row right), and three Grettas from Frank’s notebooks:

Gretta Groupie comic 1970 work of Frank Novel
© Circus Magazine/ G Mallard all other images © Frank Novel
work of Frank Novel work of Frank Novel
work of Frank Novel work of Frank Novel


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18 Jan 2012

Goblinhood 2012 is here!

Goblinhood 2012







James Beoddy’s underground comic book Goblinhood 2012 is available to be read full screen:



Publish at Calaméo or browse the library.



James Beoddy’s dedicated pages

1 Jan 2012