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Bill Brady; Centerville, PA visit

Several of Bill Brady’s new sculptures hanging in his step-mother Kathy’s livingroom. Brady house

Bill and I did some video of him working on a new piece in his skylit bus studio, and some copy shots of some early sculptures in the livingroom window:

Bill Brady "McEnroe" Bill Brady sculpture
“McEnroe” ca 1980’s (one of the first sculptures) ca 1970’s



Bill Brady sculpture Bill Brady sculpture
“Golden Girl” ca 1970’s “Walking the Dog” ca 1970’s


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18 Feb 2012

John Culver painted tables


John Culver’s insatiable urge to cover surfaces with paint has spread to the furniture!  John sent me these snapshots from his recent painted tables series:            (photos and artworks © John Culver)

John Culver table 2012 John Culver table 2012

John Culver’s dedicated page

14 Feb 2012

Willie Jordan The Passage North installation update

Willie Jordan in his installationSince it opened in August 2011 at the Erie Art Museum, the installation has changed  and evolved with the seasons.  Willie has given the figures scarves and sweaters for the winter cold, puts change in their pockets so they are not penniless, and for example, has added dried flowers and berries as a new season might provide. He usually stops by for a few visits every week, and has become a sort of gardener to his ever changing and growing installation.  Recently, he’s added shelves that display symbolic artifacts from the  journey to freedom.



Willie Jordan's The Passage North Installation Willie Jordan's The Passage North Installation detail
the new shelf noose and victim in the lower left corner


Willie Jordan installation detail Willie Jordan's The Passage North Installation detail
plantation with barbed-wire perimeter (center left) slave quarters made from workplace scraps


Willie Jordan installation detail Willie Jordan in his installation
tortoise shell for trade on the journey Willie in November 2011


Willie at the installation Opening

Willie at the Opening in August 2011.  Sister Luke and Father John in the background.

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5 Feb 2012