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Columbus, Ohio

A overnight roadtrip to visit James Beoddy, meet and photograph two Lindsay Gallery artists, and see their two-person show at the gallery.  Thanks very much to Duff Lindsay for arranging the photo shoots.

I had seen single Morris Jackson drawings twice at the Ohio State Fair (in 2008 and 2011), and was interested to see more of his somewhat bewildered-looking, but whimsical figures make their way through the world Morris has created around them.  After seeing my website, Morris ‘warned’ me that he is a pretty normal-looking fellow, living in a pretty conventionally-decorated house, but to me showing a seeming disconnect between the artist/environment and their work is just part of the documentary process.  Morris Jackson’s Lindsay Gallery page.

Morris Jackson, Columbus, OH 2012
Morris Jackson conjures up his drawings from a desk in the bedroom. Read more…
1 Mar 2012