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Ron Mann visit; Clio, Michigan

Ron Mann; Clio, MI 2012 (a)












Ron’s dedicated page

Ron insisted that he and Donna move to his camper (at his sister’s house) while we stayed the two nights at his apartment.  He thinks of the two of us as a couple little boys getting together once a year to play in his psychedelic sandbox: with slide projections of his paintings onto his paintings, himself, and his models.  The cover of post-modern ‘appropriation’ allows me to shamelessly steal his ideas and techniques, and I hung a black cloth over the window to extend the sessions into the daytime.  Donna took Cheryl out shopping for the day while the boys got down to business.  Previously I had done digital copy pictures of the paintings, and it was (is) still possible to have the files made into 35mm film slides.  Ron shoots in a fast/intuitive way, while I work slowly and pedantically– using a tripod, fill-flash, and long exposures.  Needless to say, Ron gets superior results– he turns his paintings into expressionistic stained-glass.  Two of Ron’s paintings on paintings [©Ronald Mann] projection photos:

Ron Mann image #1 Ron Mann image #2

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30 Jul 2012

Day trip to Niagara Falls, New York

Prophet Isaiah Robertson; Niagara Falls, NY 2012

work of Prophet Isaiah Robertson; Niagara Falls, NY 2012Prophet Isaiah Robertson had called to say that he was finished with quite a bit of concrete, stone, and some wood re-painting, and the unusually hot July weather finally cleared on a day I could make the trip.  In addition to general views, I’m working on documenting many of the individual symbols and recording his explanations– everything has meaning, there is no pure decoration.  During my previous visit in May, Prophet Isaiah’s vivacious wife (I call her “Ms. Gloria”) had spoken to my wife Cheryl on the cell and announced that next time she wanted to send back a homemade pie of Cheryl’s choosing (no doubt as a gesture of sympathy between a pair of unfailingly upbeat, but long-suffering wives).  Sure enough, despite the sweltering heat, a few hours after I arrived, Ms. Gloria came out to announce that Cheryl’s peach pie was in preparation, and later, fresh from the oven, Prophet Isaiah carried it out on an extra heat-absorbing plate.  (Ms. Gloria’s peach pie is highly recommended, and represents a professional breakthrough for me– there is precedent— from this much loftier perch on the compensation scale, I can now demand food for work) Read more…

8 Jul 2012