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Posts from the ‘2012 Daytrips’ Category

Late December 2012 visit to Prophet Isaiah Robertson; Niagara Falls, NY

work of Prophet Isaiah Robertson; Niagara Falls, NY 2012

Winter 2011/12 seemed like an historical rarity for western New York state: very little snow, and so the plan to photograph Prophet Isaiah’s home site under a heavenly dusting had been on hold for over a year.  The first snow this winter came while Cheryl & I were on a Christmas visit with relatives in South Carolina, and Prophet Isaiah had his granddaughter text me pictures that came in while we were driving home: Read more…

29 Dec 2012

James Beoddy; Columbus, OH visit

When he wasn’t taking a smoke break on the back porch, Jim was helping his alter-ego Chimera finish up her magnum opus comic book:  Chim’s Pookarama.  Among its various page-turning adventures is a tour through the history of comics through numerous drawing quotes of famous comic book illustrators.

James Beoddy; Columbus, OH 2012 James Beoddy; Columbus, OH 2012
James Beoddy; Columbus, OH 2012 James Beoddy; Columbus, OH 2012

Read more…

14 Oct 2012

Shrine at 847 Seneca Street, Buffalo, NY

Seneca St. Shrine in 2007

(photo: 2007)

Here in 1950, Joseph Battaglia, a barber in the downtown Hydraulics neighborhood of Buffalo, reported witnessing a glowing vision of the Blessed Mother next to his barbershop.  He had a marble statue of Mary made, arranged a coronation function in 1951, and personally built a brick shrine to preserve the message of world peace she had instructed him to spread.  His next-door home, and the barbershop were demolished in the late 1960’s, and before his elderly departure from the neighborhood, he asked an across-the-street neighbor to look after the shrine.  In the 1980’s, the city of Buffalo intended to demolish the shrine, but advocates succeeded in having it spared while Battaglia’s former property around it became a snow-emergency parking lot. Read more…

20 Aug 2012