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Halloween 2012

David Lohr; Albion, PA 2012

The much-dissipated regional effect of Hurricane Sandy was day after day of wind and rain– making it the ‘Halloween from Hell’ for local display artists.


Spending most of the seasonal witching hours behind rain-splattered windows, I wasn’t able to venture out of northwestern Pennsylvania/northeastern Ohio, but was able to make return visits to several of the annual ‘toxic waste dump Brigadoons.’





David Lohr and display; Albion, PA 2012


The actual (salvaged) crashed plane lands in different parts of the yard every year….

Lohr Family, Albion, PA 2010 Carla Wiginton Lohr, Albion, PA 2010
 Lohr Family, 2010  Carla Wiginton Lohr, 2010
Lohr family display; Albion, PA 2011 David Lohr's Halloween Display; Albion, PA 2012
 (2011)  (2012)

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10 Nov 2012