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Cano’s Castle article in Raw Vision magazine

Raw Vision #86 Dominic Espinoza's castle at night












 “Pure of Heart,” Raw Vision #86 Summer 2015


Article and photographs by Fred Scruton
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4 Jul 2015

Raw Vision Article on Prophet Isaiah Robertson

Apocalypse at Niagara Falls,  Raw Vision #80  Winter 2013

Article and photographs by Fred Scruton

Raw Vision Magazine #80 Work of Prophet Isaiah Robertson 2012

Link to dedicated pages on Isaiah Robertson

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18 Jan 2014

Vollis Simpson 1919- 2013

Vollis Simpson; Lucama, NC 2011Vollis Simpson’s delicate balance of wind, gravity, monumentally, and whimsy was hidden away deep in the North Carolina countryside, but an emerald city seduction would begin as soon you approached that last turn in Wiggins Mill Road– and a sliver of sparkling ankle started to show through.  The full birds-flying, axles-squeaking, loggers-sawing, fans-whirring, guitarists-strumming, dials-turning ‘what just happened here’ effect gave his “Whirligig Farm” its “Acid Park” nickname.  Mr. Simpson could typically be found across the road welding and grinding away in front of his former repair shop.  Looking like central casting for what an artist doesn’t look like, his old-fashioned country gentleman’s under-emotive demeanor made him seem an unlikely maker of such exuberant “windmills,” as he called them.  Late in the day when dusk started to set in, passing headlights would set off bursts of reflector fireworks throughout his cacophonous carnival.

Work of Vollis Simpson; Lucama, NC 2011

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1 Jun 2013

Ronald Manolio 1930- 2012


Ron Manolio; Lyndhurst, OH 2010For over 50 years Ron Manolio cheerfully hand-painted the (real) eggshells for Betty Manolio’s Eggshelland graph paper designs.  I’ve truly never met a person who exuded such giddy delight over bringing pleasure to other people.

The immense regional following that Eggshelland has earned no doubt brought Ron great, and well-deserved satisfaction.  During the couple of weeks the annual display lasts, there is a constant stream of visitors, and Easter Sunday brings hundreds and hundreds of often generational admirers.  Ron and Betty made me feel like just another member of their big Italian-American family from the (unannounced) first moment I showed up with my big camera at their suburban Cleveland front yard in 2005.  According to the articles below, Betty intends there to be one final goodbye display for Easter 2013. Read more…

12 Aug 2012

Leonard Knight Salvation Mountain update

December 20 update from the Imperial Valley Press:

More bad news, the death of Kevin Eubanks, Leonard’s caretaker in the video update below.


Regrettable  news about a wonderful man.

Leonard Knight; Niland, CA 2009 (b)







(from my 2009 visit)

Gratitude to Narrow Larry Harris for sending this link.

9 Dec 2011

Mannequin House; Seaview Ave Bridgeport, Connecticut

My friend Greg Davidek (a wonderful painter– checkout his website) sent me a cell phone snap when he happened by this house on a family outing:

Mannequin House; Bridgeport, CT Google Mannequin House; Bridgeport, CT
© Greg Davidek from Google


I also found it in a flickr stream by Josh Michtom

Kelly Ludwig of looked into it, and believes the address is actually 454 Seaview Ave.


Thanks to Greg– I hope to make it by with some heavier photo artillery soon!

29 Jun 2011

New York Times Article on Vollis Simpson

Junkyard Poet of Whirligigs and Windmills

Vollis Simpson 2011









(from 2011 visit)

1 Mar 2011

Prophet Isaiah Robertson in the Niagara Falls Gazette

A 2007 Niagara Gazette article with a virtual tour of his house and the Mt.Erie Baptist Chuch







(from 2010 visit)

1 Mar 2011