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The Flint Journal (Flint, Michigan) article on Ron Mann


Ron’s new house in Clio, MI last summer:

Ron Mann; Clio, MI 2014 Ron Mann; Clio, MI 2014


Ron’s dedicated page





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31 Dec 2014

Ron Mann visit; Clio, Michigan

Ron Mann; Clio, MI 2012 (a)












Ron’s dedicated page

Ron insisted that he and Donna move to his camper (at his sister’s house) while we stayed the two nights at his apartment.  He thinks of the two of us as a couple little boys getting together once a year to play in his psychedelic sandbox: with slide projections of his paintings onto his paintings, himself, and his models.  The cover of post-modern ‘appropriation’ allows me to shamelessly steal his ideas and techniques, and I hung a black cloth over the window to extend the sessions into the daytime.  Donna took Cheryl out shopping for the day while the boys got down to business.  Previously I had done digital copy pictures of the paintings, and it was (is) still possible to have the files made into 35mm film slides.  Ron shoots in a fast/intuitive way, while I work slowly and pedantically– using a tripod, fill-flash, and long exposures.  Needless to say, Ron gets superior results– he turns his paintings into expressionistic stained-glass.  Two of Ron’s paintings on paintings [©Ronald Mann] projection photos:

Ron Mann image #1 Ron Mann image #2

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30 Jul 2012

Ronald Mann; Clio, MI visit

Ron has long experimented with photography and video of his paintings, and a few years ago made a series of self-portraits that he refers to as “flashovers.”         Ron Mann’s dedicated page

Ron Mann self-portrait Ron Mann self-portrait
© Ronald Mann © Ronald Mann

When I expressed disappointment that the originals are now lost, Ron simply said, “let’s shoot some new ones.”  Last year we did copy photographs of Ron’s more recent paintings, and I ordered traditional film slides from the digital files. Ron had resumed his projection experiments, and in July, I was finally able to make it up to Clio for a two days.  Ron insisted on his taking the couch, and proved to be quite a cook!  He has mostly taken himself out of his more recent flashovers, but has a number of willing models for his frequent sessions.  He’s established quite a following and reputation as Clio’s exotic resident artist!

photo: Ronald Mann 2011 photo: Ronald Mann 2011
© 2011 Ronald Mann © 2011 Ronald Mann


Ron has used sandwiched slides for multiple effects, and in addition I brought along a couple old slide projectors– allowing us to project different images onto separate areas.  So, shamelessly stealing (make that “appropriating”) Ron’s idea, and with him back in as the subject, we spent two late nights projecting the artist’s work back onto himself.

Ronald Mann; Clio, MI 2011

Ronald Mann; Clio, MI 2011 Ronald Mann; Clio, MI 2011


Ronald Mann; Clio, MI 2011

Although I could barely contort through the door, Ron took me on a ‘wild ride’ around the Clio area in his hot rod.  It’s a familiar sight and receives some shouts and waves as it roars by.  We stopped in to try and arrange for models to come by that night, but my being there probably scared them off, and it turned into “boys-only” photo shoot.  The next day, as I drove my Corolla home at the highway speed limit, I could hardly wait to see the results.  Art-shaman Ron (see top self-portraits) had led me on a journey through the walls of some of my self-imposed boxes.

10 Jul 2011