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Some articles on artists who appear on this website:


New York Times: Vollis Simpson Obituary (2013)

The Hamtramck ReviewDmytro Szylak Obituary (2015)


New York Times: “Vollis Simpson: Junkyard Poet of Whirligigs and Windmills”  (2010)

New York Times: “Scrap-Iron Elegy” on Joe Minter’s African Village in America (2013)

New York Times: One of the Last Great ‘Yard Shows’ in Alabama” multimedia for above article on Joe Minter (2013)

Huffington Post: “Junkyard Michelangelo Dick Shaefer Turns Rusty Old Cars Into Glorious Monsters” (2011)

Wall Street Journal: “These Unknown Sculptors Are Outstanding in Their Fields in Kansas” on MT Liggett, Jerry Hubbell, and others (2010)


Toledo City Paper: “Art on wheels” on Melanie Harris and her Tiki Car (2013)

Douglas Dispatch: “Visionary Painter Sees Catastrophe in Future” on Frank Bruno (2003)


On Prophet Isaiah Robertson:

Niagara Falls Gazette: Multimedia on Prophet Isaiah Robertson (2007)

Niagara Falls Gazette: “Local man ignites 700 candles to deliver God’s message” on Prophet Isaiah Robertson (2006)

Niagara Falls Gazette: “Delivering God’s Message” on Prophet Isaiah Robertson (2007)  Prophet Isaiah’s Second Coming House “10 Secret Destinations in New York”  (#3 Home of Isaiah Henry Robertson, Niagara Falls) (2015)


 James Beoddy 2015 Retrospective at the Vanderelli Room; Columbus, Ohio:

The Columbus Dispatch: “Lifetime of creativity pays off in exhibit “Jim Beoddy: Espreet Décor is a once in a lifetime opportunity



Some Artist Websites:

William Thomas Thompson

William Thomas Thompson and Norbert H. Kox Collaborations

Billy Tripp and his Mindfield

The Heidelberg Project

Chris Barbee’s Bowling Ball Yard Art

Pearl Fryar, Topiary Artist

Dalton Stevens, The Button King


Some Resources on Visionary Artists:

Chicago’s  INTUIT (The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art).

Baltimore’s  Visionary Art Museum

SPACES —Saving and Preserving Arts and Cultural Environments.  SPACES was founded around preserving pioneering photographer Seymour Rosen’s archive.

Raw Vision Magazine

The Kohler Foundation

Friends of Fred Smith

Saint EOM’s Pasaquan

Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park Restoration Project

John Foster’s Accidental Mysteries an ever-changing exploration of visual culture

Kelly Ludwig’s:  Detour Art

Larry Harris’, AKA “Narrow Larry’s” wide-ranging vision:

Those loopy road warriors from PBS Kansas City: Randy Mason, Michael Murphy and Don Mayberger:  Rare Visions & Roadside Revelations

William Swislow’s: Interesting Ideas


Photographer Websites:

Burk Uzzle

Steve Plattner

David Graham



And for your next festive event:

Jerry Brown, traveling showman, with Django, the enchantress.

Jerry Brown Django Django, Jerry Brown's monkey