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Raw Vision Article on Prophet Isaiah Robertson

Apocalypse at Niagara Falls,  Raw Vision #80  Winter 2013

Article and photographs by Fred Scruton

Raw Vision Magazine #80 Work of Prophet Isaiah Robertson 2012

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18 Jan 2014

Vollis Simpson 1919- 2013

Vollis Simpson; Lucama, NC 2011Vollis Simpson’s delicate balance of wind, gravity, monumentally, and whimsy was hidden away deep in the North Carolina countryside, but an emerald city seduction would begin as soon you approached that last turn in Wiggins Mill Road– and a sliver of sparkling ankle started to show through.  The full birds-flying, axles-squeaking, loggers-sawing, fans-whirring, guitarists-strumming, dials-turning ‘what just happened here’ effect gave his “Whirligig Farm” its “Acid Park” nickname.  Mr. Simpson could typically be found across the road welding and grinding away in front of his former repair shop.  Looking like central casting for what an artist doesn’t look like, his old-fashioned country gentleman’s under-emotive demeanor made him seem an unlikely maker of such exuberant “windmills,” as he called them.  Late in the day when dusk started to set in, passing headlights would set off bursts of reflector fireworks throughout his cacophonous carnival.

Work of Vollis Simpson; Lucama, NC 2011

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1 Jun 2013

William Thomas Thompson visit; Greenville, SC

We spent Christmas with the in-laws in Greenville, and the day before and after I was able to visit Mr. Thompson, and then again when we returned to Greenville in May for a family event.  He and Mrs. Thompson live in the Gassaway Mansion, and the family makes the first floor and grounds available for an events business. A fairytale castle location for a wedding reception– complete with an apocalyptic painter’s studio way up in the turret!  (the upper floors are actually, of course, closed to the public)  Although Mr. Thompson’s work spans a wide range of subjects and can be quite pleasingly pastoral, he is best best known for religious-themed canvas’ that bring a biblical urgency to contemporary times. He produced a 300 ft Revelation painting that has been exhibited three times in distant locations, and has a 1800 square foot Seven Days of Creation painting on permanent display at the American Visionary Art Museum.  A nerve condition makes Mr. Thompson’s painter’s hands unsteady, but the urgency of his gestural marks underlines the biblically proportioned messages. 

Gassaway 2013


All non-photographic images in this post © William Thomas Thompson




(left: The Gassaway Mansion)


William Thomas Thompson studio William Thomas Thompson studio

Up in the turret studio on large work table was a painting in progress about the 911 attack on Washington,*  and mounted on the wall behind, a multi-panel work on the Holocaust. Read more…

20 May 2013

Exhibition at BCB Gallery; Hudson, NY

Fred Scruton portrait photographs at BCB Gallery:
May 4- June 11 2013  Reception: Saturday, May 11th  6-8pm


BCB Art Gallery Exhibition

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5 May 2013

Exhibition at OK Harris Gallery; New York, NY

Fred Scruton portrait photographs at OK Harris Gallery:
March 2013

























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4 Mar 2013

Late December 2012 visit to Prophet Isaiah Robertson; Niagara Falls, NY

work of Prophet Isaiah Robertson; Niagara Falls, NY 2012

Winter 2011/12 seemed like an historical rarity for western New York state: very little snow, and so the plan to photograph Prophet Isaiah’s home site under a heavenly dusting had been on hold for over a year.  The first snow this winter came while Cheryl & I were on a Christmas visit with relatives in South Carolina, and Prophet Isaiah had his granddaughter text me pictures that came in while we were driving home: Read more…

29 Dec 2012

Halloween 2012

David Lohr; Albion, PA 2012

The much-dissipated regional effect of Hurricane Sandy was day after day of wind and rain– making it the ‘Halloween from Hell’ for local display artists.


Spending most of the seasonal witching hours behind rain-splattered windows, I wasn’t able to venture out of northwestern Pennsylvania/northeastern Ohio, but was able to make return visits to several of the annual ‘toxic waste dump Brigadoons.’





David Lohr and display; Albion, PA 2012


The actual (salvaged) crashed plane lands in different parts of the yard every year….

Lohr Family, Albion, PA 2010 Carla Wiginton Lohr, Albion, PA 2010
 Lohr Family, 2010  Carla Wiginton Lohr, 2010
Lohr family display; Albion, PA 2011 David Lohr's Halloween Display; Albion, PA 2012
 (2011)  (2012)

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10 Nov 2012

James Beoddy; Columbus, OH visit

When he wasn’t taking a smoke break on the back porch, Jim was helping his alter-ego Chimera finish up her magnum opus comic book:  Chim’s Pookarama.  Among its various page-turning adventures is a tour through the history of comics through numerous drawing quotes of famous comic book illustrators.

James Beoddy; Columbus, OH 2012 James Beoddy; Columbus, OH 2012
James Beoddy; Columbus, OH 2012 James Beoddy; Columbus, OH 2012

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14 Oct 2012

Shrine at 847 Seneca Street, Buffalo, NY

Seneca St. Shrine in 2007

(photo: 2007)

Here in 1950, Joseph Battaglia, a barber in the downtown Hydraulics neighborhood of Buffalo, reported witnessing a glowing vision of the Blessed Mother next to his barbershop.  He had a marble statue of Mary made, arranged a coronation function in 1951, and personally built a brick shrine to preserve the message of world peace she had instructed him to spread.  His next-door home, and the barbershop were demolished in the late 1960’s, and before his elderly departure from the neighborhood, he asked an across-the-street neighbor to look after the shrine.  In the 1980’s, the city of Buffalo intended to demolish the shrine, but advocates succeeded in having it spared while Battaglia’s former property around it became a snow-emergency parking lot. Read more…

20 Aug 2012

Ronald Manolio 1930- 2012


Ron Manolio; Lyndhurst, OH 2010For over 50 years Ron Manolio cheerfully hand-painted the (real) eggshells for Betty Manolio’s Eggshelland graph paper designs.  I’ve truly never met a person who exuded such giddy delight over bringing pleasure to other people.

The immense regional following that Eggshelland has earned no doubt brought Ron great, and well-deserved satisfaction.  During the couple of weeks the annual display lasts, there is a constant stream of visitors, and Easter Sunday brings hundreds and hundreds of often generational admirers.  Ron and Betty made me feel like just another member of their big Italian-American family from the (unannounced) first moment I showed up with my big camera at their suburban Cleveland front yard in 2005.  According to the articles below, Betty intends there to be one final goodbye display for Easter 2013. Read more…

12 Aug 2012