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Since a “keep at it until you get it right” approach is essential to my working method, I have often made, and continue to make, repeated visits to many of the same remarkably accommodating artists.  Most of the artists on this page are not all that well known, and for several more, I am currently in the process of producing individual pages with biographical information and examples of their artworks.  Please check back in upcoming weeks.

I have no financial arrangement with any of the artists, and am not a formal representative, but I do wish to act as an informal advocate, and will be happy to forward any further interest (when possible) to the appropriate person.  Images of all the artists and/or their environments also appear in the “Portraits” “Sites” or “Recent Work” Project Galleries.  These artist pages are presented to share the pleasure of discovery.



James Beoddy; Columbus, OH 2011 Bill Brady; Centerville, PA 2011 John Culver
James Beoddy William Brady Jr. John Culver


Ronald Mann; Clio, MI 2009  Prophet Isaiah Robertson
Ronald Mann  Prophet Isaiah Robertson