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James Beoddy (1951- 2015); Columbus, Ohio


(all non-photographic images and artworks on this page © James Beoddy)

Jim Beoddy, underground comics and performance artist

Born in 1951, Jim Beoddy began teaching himself to draw circa 1959.  Despite a couple years in college, most of his work has been self-taught.  (In 2000, he began teaching himself to paint in anaglyphic and chromadepth 3-D.) A longtime advocate for freedom of expression, Beoddy had work shown in a national symposium on censorship, in Anchorage Alaska, in 1992.  Beoddy has long been an “underground cartoonist” with, for example, The Columbus Free Press.  (See the 40th anniversary issue at, full-color front [below center] and back [below right] covers by Jim Beoddy)

  (^designed to be viewed through 3-D ChromaDepth TM glasses^)


Beoddy’s performance art has resulted in a masked “volunteer shaman” with his own comic book: Goblinhood, 2012.

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( ^ meant to be viewed with anaglyphic

3-D glasses, blue filter over right eye)



James Beoddy performing at Comfest 2012; Columbus, OH











Performing at Comfest; Columbus, OH 2012

and after the performance (below)

James Beoddy at Comfest 2012; Columbus, OH James Beoddy at Comfest 2012; Columbus, OH 2012 James Beoddy drawing; 2012
    photo-based Beoddy drawing; 2012



Goblinhood (AKA Jim Beoddy) at the Ohio State Fair; Columbus, OH 2011 (b)

















Goblinhood (AKA Jim Beoddy) at the Ohio State Fair; Columbus, OH 2011 (b)


page from "Golbinhood 2012" page from "Golbinhood 2012"

(above) from “Golbinhood 2012”

(below) from “Goblinhood’s Comix and Poems”

page from “Goblinhood’s Comix and Poems” page from “Goblinhood’s Comix and Poems” page from “Goblinhood’s Comix and Poems”

In recent years, Beoddy has devoted most of his painting and writing to a discussion of gender politics, as seen in an upcoming book, Project Oberon.

[all text above written by Jim Beoddy, 7/4/11, Columbus, Ohio]

Jim Beoddy, outsider artist: Project Oberon

Drawings from the Project Oberon series, ca 2006- present  (approx 22 x 28 inches).  These are meant to be viewed through anaglyphic 3-D glasses.  “right-blue”  means that the blue lens should be over the right eye, “right-red” for red lens over the right eye.




James Beoddy drawing James Beoddy drawing James Beoddy drawing
(right-blue) (right-blue) (right-blue)


Dr. Jay Hanes, my colleague at Edinboro University, had interviewed Jim (ca 1993) for his doctoral dissertation, and suggested in the hallway at school one day that I seek him out.

Thanks also to Suzanne Patzer of the Columbus Free Press for initiating my line of communication with the somewhat reclusive, but personally accessible Jim.

Jim Beoddy’s interest in free expression carries over into his facility with multiple mediums:  comics & illustration, performance art, writing, painting, and 3-D drawing.  His out-of-body alter-ego Goblinhood is an ever-present Greek chorus– hovering over his shoulder and whispering his thoughts about “Beoddy” (and everything else) into Jim’s ear.


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