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John Culver; Sparta, Georgia

John Culver; Sparta, GA 2010

(all non-photographic images and artworks on this page © John Culver)

On a typical day, John Culver gets up around 5:00 AM and works on his meticulously detailed drawings for about two hours, then carrying a large sketch pad for break times, he walks about a mile to his job in the meat department at the local grocery.  Many of John’s weekend and evening hours are spent over the drafting table that takes up most of his living room.

John Culver at work

Pursuing work as a chef and a meat cutter, John had moved to Atlanta in his early twenty’s.  After a difficult relationship breakup, he started to draw, and found that making art could take his mind to happier, far away places.  In order to save on daily overhead and support his daughter, John returned to his hometown of Sparta, Georgia in 2000.

deail John Culver Painting #6

Bringing together his interests in history, science, and science fiction, John’s drawings display images derived from the historical past along with projections about the distant future.  Among the old masters he especially admires Leonardo Da Vinci’s melding of art and science– his centuries early predictions and inventions that must have seemed like science fiction in the 1400’s.

With a grade school education, and no art-training in his background, John believes that God works through him to create these visionary works of art.  Pulling back from the experience of normal daily life in linear time, the God’s eye view of John’s drawings reveal an unexpected inter-connectedness where time and space flow freely forward and back.  For example, his drawings envision the pyramids of his ancient ancestors as epi centers of an unseen energy that power futuristic spacecraft with magnetized nuclear energy.

After seeing one of John’s drawings at the American Folk art Museum’s 2010 exhibition, “Approaching Abstraction,” I sent a postcard (to what I hoped was his address) just prior to a photo road trip through Georgia in May of 2010.  He called my cellphone in Athens, Georgia and we were able to visit two days later– my wife and I arrived at the door of his family’s double-wide with take-out sandwiches in the car and next thing we knew, we were sitting around the dining table like old friends!  We returned in the summer of 2011, and again in 2012 after John had moved into his own home nearby.  Yearly visits have continued through this past March 2014, and its been an ongoing pleasure to see John’s work continue to change and evolve.

Please Note: John Culver now sells his work privately out of his home in Sparta, Georgia.  Please call John directly at home (478) 232-6039 if you might be interested in visiting his home studio.


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Recent John Culver paintings

John Culver Painting #5 detail John Culver Painting #5 detail John Culver Painting #5
(approx 23 x 29 in) < detail (approx 23 x 29 in)


John Culver Painting #7 detail John Culver Painting #7 John Culver Painting #8
(approx 23 x 29 in) < detail (approx 23 x 29 in)

John Culver; Sparta, GA 2012


John Culver; Sparta, GA 2012

Typically John paints daily from 5:30 to 7:30 AM before work, and from about 6:00 to 10:30 PM in the evenings. He still resides near, and continues to look after his mother.  In additional to his two-dimensional works on paper, he has recently begun a series of painted tables that supplement the bottles, shoes, and metalwork he has also scavenged to paint on.

John Culver table

John Culver working on a table


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