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Prophet Isaiah Robertson (cross and surrounding symbols)

Prophet Isaiah refers to his 25 foot cross as a “healing cross,” and he uses olive oil to salve and heal at its base. He believes that the cross imparts its message of redemption, ‘speaking’ to all visitors. A “talking cross,” he anticipates that visitors from all over the world will come to hear its message and be saved. An inspiration for his entire site, Prophet Isaiah quotes Prophet Joel: “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.”
[magny image=”” title=”Cross of Isaiah Robertson; Niagara Falls, NY 2012″ description=”hover to enlarge details in this 2012 view” align=”center” click=”0″ link_url=”” scroll_size=”1″ small_image=”” canvas_mode=”1″ maxwidth=”650px” zoom=”5″ dia=”350px” skin=”new-im-frame-simple,new-title-off,new-description-in,new-slider-off,new-im-magnifier-simple new-im-magnifier-square” ]

A) the 144,000 saved souls [from Revelation], 12,000 each from the Twelve Tribes of Israel.
B) twelve-point stars for the Twelve Tribes of Israel.
C) the sun.
D) the moon.
E) one [of 3] “circles in circles” symbolizing the universe.
F) two [of 3] of the “many mansions in my father’s house.”
G) an eight-point star locates the body of Christ.
H) triangular arrow-like shapes represent the hands of Christ.
I) eight-point stars for Jesus flank the cross.
J) 3:00, the hour of Christ’s death on the cross.
K) six-point star for the Jews.
L) five-point star for the Gentiles.
M) about to fly skyward, a dove representing the Holy Spirit perched behind the cross.
N) the seven days of creation.
O) a spontaneous Islamic symbol.
P) numerous red-flamed green candles throughout symbolize “the light of the world.”
Q) the donkey in the stable.
R) merged circles represent the covenant of marriage.
S) symbolizing the Pearly Gates.
T) twelve twelve-point stars separated by bells for the Twelve Tribes of Israel.
U) Noah’s rainbow covenant.
V) one large, six smaller stars and bells symbolize the seven Asian churches to which John of Patmos was instructed to send his vision [Revelation].
W) a painted tree stump represents a communion table.
X) four rivers flowing out of the Garden of Eden.
[Isaiah Robertson’s words in quotes]


Details from 2013

below leftH) Extending out from the hands, yellow eight-point stars symbolize both the crucifixion nails, and “the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on man.”   C) the sun high above in the background.      below right: a) a dove from heaven, “this is my beloved son” for John’s baptism of Jesus.   b) a spontaneous “Hebrew symbol,” identified by visitors to the site.   E) one [of 3] “circles in circles” symbols for the universe.

Robertson_hand_detail_2013 Robertson_cross_detail_2013 Robertson_hand_detail_2013

above center: E) all three circular symbols of the universe.   F) all three symbols of the “many mansions in my father’s house.”   C,D) the sun and the moon looming over.   J) clock hands stopped at 3:00, the hour of Christ’s death.


Robertson cross detail 2013above [2013]: At the intersection of the cross, an eight-point star representing the body of Jesus is formed out of eight red radial spokes capped by painted circular cut-outs.  Just above, there is a five-point white star encircled by a yellow twelve-point star on a blue circular ground that represents the Twelve Tribes of Israel.  Above near the top, a white star-burst on a purple ground symbol– mirrored in larger scale behind– represents the 144,000 souls [12,000 from each of the twelve tribes of Israel] declared as being saved in Revelation 7 & 14.  Six and five-point stars for the Jews and Gentiles are mixed with the other star shapes scattered throughout the site.  This myriad of stars is meant to invoke a daytime view of the heavens.


below [2013]: on a walkway platform behind the cross: dressed in white for purity, (d & e) the archangels Michael, Gabriel hold candles, “the light of the world,” and display red oval shapes to be seen both as buttons and drops of blood.  Gabriel (on right) is outlined in purple representing the robe that was given to Jesus prior to the Crucifixion.  the archangels flank (f) a fifteen-point star representing heaven and the universe.  small white stars between the points represent believers worldwide.Robertson archangels 2013

above: c) another spontaneous crescent shaped symbol that was later identified by visitors as being Islamic [see letter O above].   N) the seven days of creation, and (Q) the donkey in the stable [see 2012 cross overview at top].


below left, east side of the house [2014]:  7) the Seventh ends the pathway of Seals from the front sidewalk at a triangular symbol (l) that points the way through the Pearly Gates (S).      below center [2013]: f) ten red stones represent the Ten Commandments.   above the commandments, (g) the “sun radiates out its beams all over the world, the sun reaches all people.”   h) an eight-point star represents Jesus.   i) twelve heart and star symbols over nine stones represent the Twelve Disciples.

Robertson_7th_seal_2014 Robertson sun detail Robertson John of Patmos

above right [2013]: V) a figure representing John of Patmos spreads one large and six smaller stars and bells: the totals of seven symbolize the seven Asian churches to which he was directed to share his vision.   j) five stars, and five circles represent the biblical number five which stands for “His grace, His mercy.”   k) the number five is reflected in rows of five stars and hearts: one row painted on the wall, the other on the four ground stones below.

Prophet Isaiah Robertson; Niagara Falls, NY 2013 Robertson walkway detail 2013

above left [2013]: Prophet Isaiah applies some touch-up work to the enclosed platform area behind the cross.      above right [2013]: the western end displays stars, candles, crosses, and in the back right corner of the platform, a green folded American flag “for the army.”  Hovering behind on the house, the green figure of John of Patmos sprinkles his vision to seven Asian churches [seven stars, seven bells].