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Day trip to Niagara Falls, New York

Prophet Isaiah Robertson; Niagara Falls, NY 2012

work of Prophet Isaiah Robertson; Niagara Falls, NY 2012Prophet Isaiah Robertson had called to say that he was finished with quite a bit of concrete, stone, and some wood re-painting, and the unusually hot July weather finally cleared on a day I could make the trip.  In addition to general views, I’m working on documenting many of the individual symbols and recording his explanations– everything has meaning, there is no pure decoration.  During my previous visit in May, Prophet Isaiah’s vivacious wife (I call her “Ms. Gloria”) had spoken to my wife Cheryl on the cell and announced that next time she wanted to send back a homemade pie of Cheryl’s choosing (no doubt as a gesture of sympathy between a pair of unfailingly upbeat, but long-suffering wives).  Sure enough, despite the sweltering heat, a few hours after I arrived, Ms. Gloria came out to announce that Cheryl’s peach pie was in preparation, and later, fresh from the oven, Prophet Isaiah carried it out on an extra heat-absorbing plate.  (Ms. Gloria’s peach pie is highly recommended, and represents a professional breakthrough for me– there is precedent— from this much loftier perch on the compensation scale, I can now demand food for work)


Prophet Isaiah Robertson; Niagara Falls, NY 2012

As happens routinely throughout the day, a fellow in DJ services van stopped admiringly, and he and Prophet Isaiah had a lengthy conversation in the street.  Prophet Isaiah took some of my pictures out of his truck to show this first time visitor, and he vowed, in praise of the site, to return with family and friends.  While I was setting up a strobe light inside Prophet Isaiah’s front porch, I missed several nicely framed (through the narrow windows) pictures of other gawking, stopped-car photographers.  The porch was hot and stuffy, so I used my hard-hat on a tripod as a lighting model to stand in for Prophet Isaiah while I worked-out the shot details.

Prophet Isaiah Robertson's widow; Niagara Falls, NY 2012 Prophet Isaiah Robertson; Niagara Falls, NY 2012



Preperation for dusk, Niagara Falls, NY 2012

work of Prophet Isaiah Robertson; Niagara Falls, NY 2012

Prophet Isaiah had previously put out seven candles to dedicate the now finished cross to God– a couple remaining flames were barely visible in the summer sunlight, and in preparation for a dusk shot, he re-lit all the outer candles.








Dusk arrives late in early July, and I returned home at 1:00AM with a fresh peach pie– more than enough payment in full for a great day!  Prophet Isaiah called the next morning to confirm my safe return, and to confer blessings.

Posted by fred on July 8, 2012

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