Easter Displays

!Easter Displays

A slideshow containing images by photographer Fred Scruton.

Midwest Region


Ron and Betty Manolio's Eggshelland (2013 final year) in Lyndhurst, & Steve Kaselak's Jellybeanville (currently active) in Euclid, Ohio

From a small scale beginning in 1957 to 2013 – the year after Ron’s death – Ron and Betty Manolio filled their suburban front yard with real hand-painted (by Ron) eggshells.  Based on Betty’s graph paper designs, new themes and figures appeared annually.  A three-generational-family-installation-project overseen by Ron and Betty in later years, sometimes more than 30,000 eggshells were needed.  The Lyndhurst Fire Department sent a hook and ladder truck yearly allowing fireman photographers to capture the full Busby Berkeley overhead effect,.  As of 2019, a local preservationist group, the Euclid Beach Boys has for several years arranged to display sections of Eggshelland at indoor Cleveland Easter-time locations.

Atlas Obscura on Eggshelland


Steve Kaselak lives in the family home of his childhood and he’s decorated the house and yard at Easter-time since he was a young boy in the 1960’s.  Since the late 1980’s, the full scale Jellybeanville extravaganza has been on annual display, and like Eggshelland, its become a local tradition that brings generations of visitors.  Jellybeanville is a mixture of hand-crafted figures and commercial purchases that change annually: for example, Steve’s wooden cutout mother is always in residence, wearing a new dress every year.  On Easter Sunday, Steve is nowhere to seen (no doubt resting from the one-man two-week installation), but the Easter Bunny (AKA Peter Cottontail) comes to Jellybeanville and spends the day handing-out basket of treats, greeting the constant stream of visitors, and posing for pictures.  Jellybeanville raises money for a domestic violence center, gets lots of local media coverage, and in 2019, this photographer was there 24/7:

Mother and Sister
Mother and Sister; 2019
Peter Cottontail; Jeallybeanville 2017
Peter Cottontail; Jeallybeanville 2017
Fred Photographer
Fred Photographer; 2019


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