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William Thomas Thompson visit; Greenville, SC

We spent Christmas with the in-laws in Greenville, and the day before and after I was able to visit Mr. Thompson, and then again when we returned to Greenville in May for a family event.  He and Mrs. Thompson live in the Gassaway Mansion, and the family makes the first floor and grounds available for an events business. A fairytale castle location for a wedding reception– complete with an apocalyptic painter’s studio way up in the turret!  (the upper floors are actually, of course, closed to the public)  Although Mr. Thompson’s work spans a wide range of subjects and can be quite pleasingly pastoral, he is best best known for religious-themed canvas’ that bring a biblical urgency to contemporary times. He produced a 300 ft Revelation painting that has been exhibited three times in distant locations, and has a 1800 square foot Seven Days of Creation painting on permanent display at the American Visionary Art Museum.  A nerve condition makes Mr. Thompson’s painter’s hands unsteady, but the urgency of his gestural marks underlines the biblically proportioned messages. 

Gassaway 2013


All non-photographic images in this post © William Thomas Thompson




(left: The Gassaway Mansion)


William Thomas Thompson studio William Thomas Thompson studio

Up in the turret studio on large work table was a painting in progress about the 911 attack on Washington,*  and mounted on the wall behind, a multi-panel work on the Holocaust. Read more…

20 May 2013

Exhibition at BCB Gallery; Hudson, NY

Fred Scruton portrait photographs at BCB Gallery:
May 4- June 11 2013  Reception: Saturday, May 11th  6-8pm


BCB Art Gallery Exhibition

Read more…

5 May 2013