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Exhibition at BCB Gallery; Hudson, NY

Fred Scruton portrait photographs at BCB Gallery:
May 4- June 11 2013  Reception: Saturday, May 11th  6-8pm


BCB Art Gallery Exhibition

Ramona Hotel; Burnsville, NC 2009 Robert Morgan; Lexington, KY 2010
Joe Minter; Birmingham, AL 2012 (b) Ron Mann, Clio, MI 2011 (c)

“Fred Scruton travels extensively throughout the country to document self-taught artists and their colorful artworks. His photographs celebrate the vitality of visions formed outside of the artistic ‘mainstream’. This exhibition focuses on environmental portraiture within the personal worlds each artist has created. “The truth can be stranger than fiction”.”

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 (40) page Exhibition Catalog available from Blurb

Posted by fred on May 5, 2013

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