Portraits of ‘Outsider’ and Visionary Artists, 2019-

Often self-taught ‘artists’ don’t think of themselves as, or like to be called ‘artists’.  They may not produce any ‘for sale’ art objects, their work may be too personal, or it may be intended to carry religious messages from God (for which they accept no personal credit).  Many think of themselves as being too unskilled […]

Billy’s Mountain Music

Billy Shelton’s Free Admission Converted Flea Market Venue for Local Musicians. Several Groups Perform Sundays from Approx 1-4 PM, Jam Sessions on Thursdays from 6:00 PM til the Music Stops… Update: after a major fire in 2017, the current status of Billy’s is unknown.


Portraits of artists creators, and performers.

Signage and Murals 1997-2005

A gallery of hand-painted vernacular signage and murals mostly produced for commercial establishments.  Typically, but not always, the work of professional sign painters and often humorous, these are one-of-a-kind works of street art.