The Antlerman's Horn House | James PhillipsThree Forks, Montana


A slideshow containing images by photographer Fred Scruton.

West Region


15,000+ antlers

The Antlerman's Horn House

James Phillips

Since age ten, James Phillips had collected over 16,000 antlers. When he wasn’t hunting antlers in the spring and fall, he took daily trail walks and has authored three books of his observations. Jim is proud to have not purchased any, or killed any animal while amassing his antler collection. He found and manually carried-out the entire trove: deer, moose, antelope, and elk shed and regrow their antlers naturally on an annual cycle. A now-retired hunter and outdoorsman, “98%” of the skulls in his collection are finds has well. An immersive installation-art experience, the collection is artfully displayed in a large dedicated pole building on the Phillips property.

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