Leroy Gonzales

Leroy Gonzales, the self-appointed mayor of Golden, New Mexico gives free tours of his outdoor museum to the local history of gold-mining.  His roadside attraction near the southern end of Rt 14 (the Turquoise Trail) not far from Albuquerque, includes a mine shaft, a wall of pre-decent miner’s possessions, a cantina, John Wayne’s girlfriend, plus […]


In recent decades, indoor “installation art” has become quite prevalent in the contemporary art mainstream.  Generally, for a variety of reasons – often including commodity issues – outdoor installations (or “art environments”) have remained in the domain of ‘outsider’ or self-taught artists.  Clark Ashton’s Druid Hill is something of a hybrid exception.  Although he had […]

Georgia “Miss Dixie” Corcoran

Just inside the front door of her house on 28th Street in Louisville, Kentucky, dozens of photographs of Georgia Corcoran’s six children, grandchildren, and extended family fill the living room cabinets and shelves. She’s affixed angels and roses to several of the picture frames, and on special occasions takes some of the portraits out to […]


A bowling ball alphabet in front of Barbee’s house stretches the width of the property and provides a backdrop for: an abacus-like American flag, a working Newton’s cradle, a scaled-up pool table, a peace sign, a cross outlined with Christmas lights, and bowling ball rosary beads (to list just a few).


Portraits of artists creators, and performers.

Art Environments – Southeast

Art environments are typically made by by artists working outside the mainstream of contemporary art.  Exposed to the weather and free for public viewing, the environments have little or no connection to the monetized art-object-based realm of galleries and museums.  Often the ‘artists’ don’t think of themselves as, or like to be called ‘artists’, their […]