New Mexico

Art Environments – Southwest

Art environments are typically made by by artists working outside the mainstream of contemporary art.  Exposed to the weather and free for public viewing, the environments have little or no connection to the monetized art-object-based realm of galleries and museums.  Often the ‘artists’ don’t think of themselves as, or like to be called ‘artists’, their […]

Portraits of ‘Outsider’ and Visionary Artists, 2005-2012

Often self-taught ‘artists’ don’t think of themselves as, or like to be called ‘artists’.  They may not produce any ‘for sale’ art objects, their work may be too personal, or it may be intended to carry religious messages from God (for which they accept no personal credit).  Many think of themselves as being too unskilled […]

Collections and Indoor Displays

James Phillips 50+ year collection of over 16,000 antlers.  Amad Samaan’s grocery store display of SX-70 Polaroids of his customers.  Johnnie Meier, as well as Tom and Mary Lou Desin’s collections of gas and oil memorabilia. Leon Parker’s as well as Mary Paulsen’s Coca-Cola collections, and Mary Paulsen’s small building full of 1960’s American pop […]