Tattoo Tammy Jean Lange near Aztec, New Mexico


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Tattoo Tammy Jean Lange

Tatt2 Tammy

Art Type or Medium: Assemblage; Environment/Installation

Viewable: no

Secular or Religious: Secular

Tammy Lange is currently building an art environment in her new location outside of Aztec,  New Mexico, and several new works have appeared since my fist visit in the summer of 2021.  As of early 2022, she’s not quite ready to invite the public to drop by, but expects to be open for visitors before long.

Tammy works with various found materials, including skulls, antlers, and twisted wood.  A sign next to her entrance states, “IF IT’S NOT DEAD, BROKE OR RUSTED I JUST CAN’T USE IT.”  Another sign next to the road says, “BETTER BONES (heart) GARDENS”

Work of Tattoo Tammy Jean Lange; near Aztec, NM 2021

Work of Tattoo Tammy Jean Lange; near Aztec, NM 2021

Bones and Puns

Tammy often bases her whimsical and humorous assemblages on puns.  She displays a bottle of gin and a male glass chicken in a cage next to the road: ‘Cock-cage-gin’ ~~ Caucasian.  Text surrounding a tearing eyeball in mirror piece says “AMERICA NOT $ee” ~~ America Nazi.  Known for her chicken-bone motorcycle sculptures, Tammy plans to have an online presence and make some of her work available for sale in the near future.

Thanks to (Narrow) Larry Harris for putting me in touch with Tammy!

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