James Phillips

Since age ten, James Phillips had collected over 16,000 antlers. When he wasn’t hunting antlers in the spring and fall, he took daily trail walks and has authored three books of his observations. Jim is proud to have not purchased any, or killed any animal while amassing his antler collection. He found and manually carried-out […]

Skalos Halloween Night

Every year (2021 was the 31st) there are hundreds of visitors to Randy Skalos’ Haunt on Williams Halloween display.  During trick-or-treat hours on Halloween night, the city of Conneaut closes Randy’s block to traffic while the multi-colored hellmouth of northwestern Ohio erupts.

Skalos Haunt

In 2020 Randy Skalos resurrected his elaborate Halloween display for the 30th time.  It attracts hundreds of visitors and is the local epicenter of Halloween – the city of Conneaut closes Randy’s block on Halloween night, and there are long lines of costumed visitors waiting in the driveway at the curtained entrance to his garage […]

Jeannie Tagle Halloween

When I first accidentally happened upon Jeannie Tagle’s Halloween haunt in 2011 (and met her for the first time), I asked if I could take pictures and whether she would mind posing in the display.  She promptly changed into a slasher victim costume, applied soul eater fangs, grabbed an alien fetus specimen jar, and lowered […]

Paula Fetterolf

Halloween provided Paula Fetterolf with an annual excuse to fill her front yard with a newly-themed display of her fancy. Among many others, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the 80’s rock band Poison, a whimsical fairyland of dolls and trashcan lid mushrooms, a mental asylum, King Tut’s tomb, a Hollywood Western saloon, a vampire […]

Kaselak 1

Since the mid-1980’s, Steve Kaselak has annually filled his front yard and property with an Easter display from Palm to Easter Sundays.  For more than a generation, visiting Jellybeanville has become an annual family tradition for numerous local residents.  Kaselak begins planning each year’s display in January, and it takes him about two weeks to […]


Fall 2023 Update:  The barbershop/museum is closed and the empty building/lot is up for rent.   Long located in front of Billy Tripp’s Mindfield on Main Street in Brownsville, Anthony Turner has turned his working barbershop into an eclectic museum for the Mindfield, the Civil Rights Movement, Soul Music, Elvis, and, as the sign on […]

Billy’s Mountain Music

Billy Shelton’s Free Admission Converted Flea Market Venue for Local Musicians. Several Groups Perform Sundays from Approx 1-4 PM, Jam Sessions on Thursdays from 6:00 PM til the Music Stops… Update: after a major fire in 2017, the current status of Billy’s is unknown.

Jerry Brown, Monkey Man

Jerry Brown and Django (named for the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt) perform at fairs, festivals, and special events in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.  Jerry’s website