Kaselak 1

Since the mid-1980’s, Steve Kaselak has annually filled his front yard and property with an Easter display from Palm to Easter Sundays.  For more than a generation, visiting Jellybeanville has become an annual family tradition for numerous local residents.  Kaselak begins planning each year’s display in January, and it takes him about two weeks to […]


Long located in front of Billy Tripp’s Mindfield on Main Street in Brownsville, Anthony Turner has turned his working barbershop into an eclectic museum for the Mindfield, the Civil Rights Movement, Soul Music, Elvis, and, as the sign on the front says: a “menagerie” of gifts and items from Mr. Anthony’s personal collection. Inside, themed […]

Billy’s Mountain Music

Billy Shelton’s Free Admission Converted Flea Market Venue for Local Musicians. Several Groups Perform Sundays from Approx 1-4 PM, Jam Sessions on Thursdays from 6:00 PM til the Music Stops… Update: after a major fire in 2017, the current status of Billy’s is unknown.

Jerry Brown, Monkey Man

Jerry Brown and Django (named for the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt) perform at fairs, festivals, and special events in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.  Jerry’s website