Art Cars and Bikes

Art vehicles can be essentially a detachable extension of an art environment (Leonard Knight, Clarke Bedford, Jeff Elersic), an expression of personal biography (Billy Tripp, Melanie Harris), a cohesively themed idea (Harrod Blank), or a decorative extravaganza (Greg Phelps, Guy DeShazo).

Collections and Indoor Displays

James Phillips 50+ year collection of over 16,000 antlers.  Amad Samaan’s grocery store display of SX-70 Polaroids of his customers.  Johnnie Meier, as well as Tom and Mary Lou Desin’s collections of gas and oil memorabilia. Leon Parker’s as well as Mary Paulsen’s Coca-Cola collections, and Mary Paulsen’s small building full of 1960’s American pop […]


American vernacular architecture and hand-painted decorations. 

Halloween Displays

These displays are mostly handmade, Randy Skalos’ Haunt on Williams Street also features vintage and custom crafted items.  Most of the displays are re-installed annually 2-3 weeks before Halloween, and are taken down the day after. 

Recent Work

Recent collaborative documentation of art environments, self-taught, outsider, and visionary artists, Easter displays, collections and grottos.

Signage and Murals 1997-2005

A gallery of hand-painted vernacular signage and murals mostly produced for commercial establishments.  Typically, but not always, the work of professional sign painters and often humorous, these are one-of-a-kind works of street art.