Jerry Brown, Monkey Man

Jerry Brown and Django (named for the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt) perform at fairs, festivals, and special events in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.  Jerry’s website

Art Cars and Bikes

Art vehicles can be essentially a detachable extension of an art environment (Leonard Knight, Clarke Bedford, Jeff Elersic), an expression of personal biography (Billy Tripp, Melanie Harris), a cohesively themed idea (Harrod Blank), or a decorative extravaganza (Greg Phelps, Guy DeShazo).

Collections and Indoor Displays

James Phillips 50+ year collection of over 16,000 antlers.  Amad Samaan’s grocery store display of SX-70 Polaroids of his customers.  Johnnie Meier, as well as Tom and Mary Lou Desin’s collections of gas and oil memorabilia. Leon Parker’s as well as Mary Paulsen’s Coca-Cola collections, and Mary Paulsen’s small building full of 1960’s American pop […]

Grottos, Shrines, and Memorials

Dickeyville Grotto by Father Matthias Wernerus in Dickeyville, Wisconsin Rudolph Grotto by Father Philip Wagner in Rudolph, Wisconsin Shrine of the Grotto of the Redemption by Father Paul Dobberstein in West Bend, Iowa St. Peters Rock Grotto by Father Scheier in Farmer, Noirth Dakota

Seasonal Displays

From a small scale beginning in 1957 to 2013 – the year after Ron’s death – Ron and Betty Manolio filled their suburban Cleveland front yard with real hand-painted (by Ron) eggshells.  Based on Betty’s graph paper designs, new themes and figures appeared annually.  A three-generational-family-installation-project overseen by Ron and Betty in later years, sometimes […]

Religious Building Conversions

Buildings such as theaters, banks, fire stations, and storefronts repurposed to churches and mosques. Synagogues converted into Christian churches.


American vernacular architecture and hand-painted decorations. 

Halloween Displays

These displays are mostly handmade, Randy Skalos’ Haunt on Williams Street also features vintage and custom crafted items.  Most of the displays are re-installed annually 2-3 weeks before Halloween, and are taken down the day after. 

Recent Work

Recent collaborative documentation of art environments, self-taught, outsider, and visionary artists, Easter displays, collections and grottos.

Signage and Murals 1997-2005

A gallery of hand-painted vernacular signage and murals mostly produced for commercial establishments.  Typically, but not always, the work of professional sign painters and often humorous, these are one-of-a-kind works of street art.

Ronald Manolio 1930-2012

For over 50 years Ron Manolio cheerfully hand-painted the (real) multi-colored eggshells needed to complete Betty Manolio’s Eggshelland graph paper designs.  I can truly say I’ve never met a person who exuded more giddy delight over bringing pleasure to others! Eggshelland’s immense regional attention no doubt brought Ron great, and well-deserved satisfaction.  During the couple […]