Robertson Part 9 Restoration

The Kohler Foundation funded the restoration of Prophet Isaiah Robertson’s distressed site.  B. R. Howard Conservation removed all the rocks, stones and wood structures from the site. In the spring through early fall ’23, they re-installed PVC replicas of all the wood structures. All the original stones were re-painted and returned to their original locations. […]


One of the most famous American self-taught artists and art environments, Leonard Knight and Salvation Mountain appeared in documentaries and commercial movies such as Into the Wild (2007) and Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea (2004).


Isaiah Zagar earned an art degree from Pratt Institute in the early 1960’s, but the primary – and life-long – inspiration from his student days came from his visit to Clarence Schmidt’s House of Mirrors, a sprawling architectural assemblage in Woodstock, NY.  Zagar, a ‘trained’ artist, has been unusually strongly influenced by the work of […]

Bernard Gore

Bernard Gore is a partially disabled Purple Heart decorated Vietnam veteran self-taught artist living near Atlanta, Georgia.  He works daily on paintings, assemblage sculptures, and carved wood relief sculptures.  Formerly a part time preacher, his often brightly patterned subjects are both biblical and secular: ranging from a festive lynch mob to Elton John’s Rocket Man […]

Beoddy Works on Paper

Drawings and underground comics by James Beoddy dating from approximately the early 1970’s to 2015.  All artworks ©James Beoddy estate.

James Beoddy Paintings

Paintings by James Beoddy dating from approximately the early 1970’s to the early 2000’s.  All paintings ©James Beoddy estate.

James Beoddy

James Beoddy recalled that he began to draw when he was about four or five years old, and despite having attended college for a couple of years, he was primarily a self-taught artist.  Beginning in 2000, he taught himself to paint in anaglyphic and ChromaDepth® 3-D.  A longtime passionate advocate for freedom of expression, Beoddy’s […]