Bernard Gorenear Atlanta, Georgia

~Bernard Gore

A slideshow containing images by photographer Fred Scruton.

Southeast Region


Wood relief sculptues and paintings, all artworks on this page: ©Bernard Gore.

Bernard Gore (b. 1948)

Art by Bernard Gore

Art Type or Medium: Assemblage; Painting; Sculpture

Viewable: by appointment

Secular or Religious: Mixed

Bernard Gore is a partially disabled Purple Heart decorated Vietnam veteran self-taught artist living near Atlanta, Georgia.  He works daily on paintings, assemblage sculptures, and carved wood relief sculptures.  Formerly a part time preacher, his often brightly patterned subjects are both biblical and secular: ranging from a festive lynch mob to Elton John’s Rocket Man to the beheading of John the Baptist.  Please send a message through the website contact page if you would like to contact Mr. Gore. 

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