Prophet Isaiah Robertson - Part 6 - House And Yard SymbolismNiagara Falls, New York

~Prophet Isaiah Robertson House and Yard Symbols

A slideshow containing images by photographer Fred Scruton.

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De-coding Isaiah Robertson's Symbolism

Prophet Isaiah Robertson (1947 – 2020)

Second Coming House

Art Type or Medium: Environment/Installation

Status: inactive - distressed condition

Viewable: yes

Secular or Religious: Religious

(quotations on this page are of Isaiah Robertson’s words)

Isaiah Robertson; Crucifixion Symbol, 2010, 2013
2010 / crucifixion / 2013

The myriad of colorful designs make an overwhelming first impression that may seem decorative, but reminiscent of stained-glass church windows, Prophet Isaiah’s home site is filled with abstractly-stylized biblical references and symbolic messages. The colors and details would change, but the broad designs and meanings remained constant.

For example (see right), in fall 2013, he added a head and a blue three-point triangular-shaped star (for the Trinity) to his simplified depiction of the Crucifixion, “Father forgive them.”

Beholding the Heavens

The site sparkles with a multitude of often highly stylized stars meant to evoke a daytime unveiling of the heavens. Prophet Isaiah would accept no personal credit for his work: the will of God had guided His humble servant’s hands to create a holy place on earth, “no man could do this – this is straight God.”

Below: Mounted to the 25 foot cross at the center of the crossbar, a large brown clock-face like star with eight painted disc star points represents Jesus (arrow shows top right point).

Isaiah Robertson; Star of Jesus, 2011

Prophet Isaiah explained the recurring star patterns throughout the site: 15 point stars represent the universe, 12 points–the twelve tribes of Israel; 8 points–Jesus; 7 points–God; 6 points–the Jews; 5 points–the Gentiles; 4 points–the four corners of the earth; 3 points–the Trinity

The Seven Seals Pathway to the Pearly Gates

Isaiah Robertson; Seven Seals Procession_Pearly Gates, 2015

Above: Visitors walk over the 6th, 7th, and 5th of the Seven Seals from the book of Revelation towards the front steps. The 4th Seal is to the right between the house and the diamond-shaped rock garden of resurrection.

Seal #’s 3, & 2 lead around the corner towards the 25′ healing cross (just off the right border in the above 2015 view). Symbolizing this spiritual journey, Seal #1 ends this procession in front of the “pearly gates” near the base of the cross.

The Ark of the Covenant

Below left: The Ark of the Covenant, lying in stone sections on the ground with the judgement seat of Christ behind, is guarded by outstretched cherubim wings in front. High above in back, the Lord’s Prayer is symbolized by concentric rings, “around and around our Father.”

Isaiah Robertson; Cherubim Symbol_Entrance Sidewalk, 2013

Above right: An arrow shape directs visitors off the public sidewalk over the first three Seals towards the front door.

Isaiah Robertson; Ark of the Covenant detai, 2012
Isaiah Robertson; Days of Noah, 2011

Above left (2012): “Stars of David” on the Ark of the Covenant. Above right (2011): Christ’s Seat of Judgement is depicted at the base of the ‘days of Noah’ message sign, which supports the Lord’s Prayer. White stones “solid ground” support the cherubim and fill the Ark, they are surrounded by grey gravel “sinking sand.”

Front area in 2016:

Isaiah Robertson; Cherubim Symbol Entrance Sidewalk, 2016


The Second Coming House

Isaiah Robertson House; 2012
Isaiah Robertson House; 2012


Isaiah Robertson; Eagle Crown_Jonah, 2013
Isaiah Robertson; Front Door_Birth of Christ Symbol, 2010
Isaiah Robertson; Lamb's Book of Life_Godhead, 2013

Front door and symbol details on either side. Above center: an eight-point star encircles the symbolic birth of Jesus. Above right: the Godhead represents “when He made this world, the creation.”


Below: House front and corner details.

Isaiah Robertson; Brushstroke Revealing Mary, 2013
Isaiah Robertson; Rock from Niagara Falls, 2012
Isaiah Robertson; House Detail, 2011

Below: Gable details (2013). Bells and five-point stars – representing believers worldwide – are scattered throughout the heavenly upper-story program. Encompassed by emanating rays and circles the seven-point star in the center represents God “who is a wheel in the center of a wheel.”

Isaiah Robertson; House Gable, 2013The gable in 2016:
Isaiah Robertson; House Gable, 2016

The Resurrection Rock Garden

Isaiah Robertson; Rock Garden of Revelation, 2012

The front yard rock garden of resurrection sprouts a cylindrical vase of flowers at the intersection of a yellow-outlined cross of grey stone. White stones fill the diamond shape area of resurrection symbolizing purity – the outside is surrounded by a fine grey gravel: “on solid ground I stand, all the rest is sinking sand.” The diamond shape echoes other symbolism: four-point stars represent the four corners of the earth, and a flat rectangular rock in the foreground (above) with painted arched curves on the corners symbolize “God calling from the four corners of the earth.”

At both the intersection and ends of the horizontal crossbar, twelve rounded bricks represent the twelve disciples, each with a small white six-point star. Larger six-point “Jewish stars” mixed with five-point stars (for the Gentiles) are repeated on three flat stones around the center of the resurrection cross: “both are one, there is neither Jew or Gentile.” Along the front porch foundation, a row of ten encircled seven-point stars (representing God) symbolize the Ten Commandments – the tenth (behind the front steps) is not visible in this 2012 view.

Isaiah Robertson; Rock Garden of Revelation, 2013
Isaiah Robertson; Seven Stars_Seven Days, 2012
Fish with red and purple circles representing bread: “Jesus feeds the multitudes;" 2013

Above left: the four arched curves similar to the ‘four corners’ symbols are repeated in blue for the “four rivers flowing from the Garden of Eden after God expelled Adam and Eve.” Above center: a second “God calling from the four corners of the earth” symbol borders the resurrection stone garden. Above right: Fish with red and purple circles representing slices of bread, “Jesus feeds the multitudes.”

Prophet Isaiah Robertson; Niagara Falls, NY 2015
Prophet Isaiah Robertson; Niagara Falls, NY 2015
Isaiah Robertson; Seven Days of Creation, 2012

Above right: seven flat stones at the base of the house represent the seven days of creation.

The Sepulcher of Christ

Isaiah Robertson, Sepulchre of Christ, 2012
Isaiah Robertson, Sepulchre of Christ, 2013

Above: the Sepulcher [tomb] of Christ. Left (2012): the body is surrounded by red stones representing his blood, and two large boulders “block the entrance from thieves.” White stones in the center represent purity. Right (2013): purple highlights representing the purple robe of Christ prior to the Crucifixion have been added.


Below: a 2012 overview showing the Sepulcher along Ontario Ave.

Isaiah Robertson House; 2012


Prophet Isaiah Robertson in 2013
Prophet Isaiah in 2013

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