MT Liggett - Part 1Mullinville, Kansas

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A slideshow containing images by photographer Fred Scruton.

Midwest Region


MT Liggett (1930 – 2017)

Art by MT Liggett

Art Type or Medium: Environment/Installation

Status: under restoration

Viewable: yes

Secular or Religious: Secular

Retired from the Navy and Air Force, MT Liggett returned to his hometown of Mullinville, Kansas and built numerous provocative sculptures and signs satirizing local and national politicians, the government, the mainstream media, hypocrites, and former wives.  Some of his ‘totems’ honored friends, former lovers, and a surprise daughter who came to visit as an adult: he would say that the the story of his life is all out there in the yard.  Generally he wasn’t liked by local residents who didn’t appreciate all the outside attention he garnered.  Currently his site is being restored by the Kohler foundation.

MT Liggett in 2009

Work of MT Liggett

MT Liggett and Fred Scruton in 2009
MT Liggett and Fred Scruton; 2009

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