Ronald Mann - Part 1Clio, Michigan

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A slideshow containing images by photographer Fred Scruton.

Midwest Region


Ronald Mann: portraits, interiors, slide projection photography

Ronald Mann (1943 – 2023)

Art by Ronald Mann

Art Type or Medium: Painting

Viewable: by appointment

Secular or Religious: Secular with Religious aspects

Ronald Mann was a self-taught Vietnam veteran artist. His wife was an amateur painter, and after returning from the war with un-diganosed PTSD, Ron started to make paintings using her leftover materials.

He had no background or training in art, and remains uninterested in art history or the contemporary artworld. A form of self-therapy, every painting addresses specific memories and emotions that range from combat recollections, the personal traumas of friends and family, to broad historical events such as the Oklahoma City bombing, famine in Africa, or the American Civil War.

The paintings are personal emotional wound dressings, and he doesn’t offer any for sale. In recent years Ron has done extensive photography of slide projections of his paintings onto other paintings and human subjects. This re-photographic process process further expands the meaning and personal context of his work.

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