Norbert KoxGillett, Wisconsin


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Midwest Region


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Norbert Kox (1945 – 2018)

Apocalypse House & Museum Of Visionary Art

Art Type or Medium: Environment/Installation; Painting; Sculpture

Status: removed/dismantled/destroyed

Viewable: no

Secular or Religious: Religious

Norbert Kox, 1967 (photographer unknown)
Norbert Kox, 1967 (photographer unknown)

Norbert Kox welded together and painted his “Demon Hunter” motorcycle while a member of the Waterloo (Iowa) Outlaws biker gang in the mid-1970’s. A few years earlier, one particularly bad hallucinogenic ‘trip’ caused a series of flashbacks, as well as a persistent feeling that God was directing him to quit the gang and live like a hermit in the woods. 

After living about ten years in a small cabin in northern Wisconsin, he emerged around 1986 with the beginnings of a thirty-plus year body of paintings and sculptures that made him probably the best-known religious visionary artist of recent times. 

If Norbert had an inner-demons, they all came out in his work: his was calm, sweet-natured, and courteous – a modest old-school style gentleman who was much beloved.  He was a pleasure to spend time with, and although very much active on social media (with a large following), it was plainly apparent he had no interest in the material worlds of contemporary consumerism and pop-culture.  Truly a messenger from the spiritual world.

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