Floyd "Junior" Banks - Part 3 - VideoGreenback, Tennessee

Southeast Region


Floyd "Junior" Banks (b. 1946)

Fortress Of Faith

Art Type or Medium: Architectural; Environment/Installation

Status: active

Viewable: yes

Secular or Religious: Mixed

mini video flyers in one the enclosed castle rooms
mini video flyers in one of the enclosed castle rooms

Floyd “Junior” Banks (A.K.A. “Castleman’s”) full scale castle walls– made almost entirely by Floyd working alone from salvaged materials– have been under continuous construction since 1993. Behind the two castle walls, most rooms are open to the sky, and none are habitable.  Complete with a torture chamber and fireplace, Floyd believes that images representing Divine messages are embedded in the seemingly accidental surface textures of his concrete construction work.  Floyd lives nearby, welcomes visitors, and spends the bulk of most days happily giving tours or working on the castle.