Billy Tripp - Part 1Brownsville, Tennessee

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A slideshow containing images by photographer Fred Scruton.

Southeast Region


Billy Tripp (b. 1955)

The Mindfield Cemetery

Art Type or Medium: Environment/Installation

Status: active

Viewable: yes

Secular or Religious: Secular

Written in bridge trusses, i-beams and other re-purposed industrial materials, Billy Tripp’s Mindfield Cemetery, begun in 1989, is a monumental display of his life’s story and experiences. He climbs the 125 foot height un-tethered and expects to continue expanding the Mindfield’s already block-long footprint until he’s physically unable. A fan of travel writer William Least Heat-Moon, the prominent metal canoe used to navigate through parts of his 1997 book River-Horse: The Logbook of a Boat Across America and now suspended roughly in the center of the Mindfield was given to Billy by the author.

Billy Tripp's Mindfield Cemetery; Brownsvillle, TN 2009
Billy Tripp’s Mindfield Cemetery; Brownsvillle, TN 2009
Billy Tripp's Truck; Brownsvillle, TN 2011
Billy Tripp’s Truck; Brownsvillle, TN 2011

Billy taped prints I sent to his truck.


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