William Thomas Thompson - Part 2 - PaintingsGreenville, South Carolina

~Thompson 2 paintings

A slideshow containing images by photographer Fred Scruton.

Southeast Region


William Thomas Thompson (b. 1935)

Art by William Thomas Thompson

Art Type or Medium: Painting

Viewable: By appointment through the artist's website

Secular or Religious: Mixed

William Thompson provided this information about the numbered series of large-scale paintings that starts with slide #5 (showing the American flag):

“Here is a list of the 7 paintings series and the sequence they were painted along with the title of each painting.  Each painting is 12 x 15’ acrylic on heavy canvas.

1 – Chemtrail’s, the spraying of the atmosphere with chemicals, nanoparticles of aluminum and micro plastic fibers. (photo: Marshall Graham Photography)

2-False Flag, our stripes morphing into colors of the rainbow.

3-The Great Deception of Church and State.  2017

4-The Toxic Dollar, the weapon of mass destruction 2018

5-Martin Luther and the Great Reformation 2018

6-The Gate of Hell 2019/20 “They that live by the sword, die by the sword.”  Matthew 26-52 

7-Heaven [unfinished?]

8-5G Apocalypse 5G 2020*

*description of “5G Apocalypse 5G” supplied by WT Thompson

William Thompson and helpers 2019
William Thompson and helpers 2019

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