Vollis Simpson - Part 3 - Restoration And RelocationWilson, North Carolina

~Simpson Whirligig Park

A slideshow containing images by photographer Fred Scruton.

Southeast Region


The restoration and relocation of Vollis Simpson's whirligig farm to the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park in Wilson, NC

Vollis Simpson (1919 – 2013)

Whirligig Park

Art Type or Medium: Environment/Installation; Sculpture

Status: active

Viewable: yes

Secular or Religious: Secular

Starting about 2010, Vollis Simpson’s sculptures began to be removed from their original locations in his ‘Whirligig Farm’ in Lucama to be restored in downtown Wilson, NC.   Most have been re-installed in the nearby Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park: https://www.wilsonwhirligigpark.org/

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