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John Culver

Traveling Through Time In Search Of Paradise

Art Type or Medium: Painting

Viewable: by appointment

Secular or Religious: Secular with Religious aspects

©John Culver, ca 2010
©John Culver; energy transfer to a pyramid-inspired ‘marchonaught’ (large architectural object lower center)

Bringing together his interests in history, science, and science fiction, John’s drawings display images derived from the historical past along with projections about the distant future.  Among the old masters, he especially admires Leonardo Da Vinci’s melding of art and science – his centuries early predictions and inventions that must have seemed like science fiction in the 1400’s.

With a grade school education, and no art-training in his background, John believes that God works through him to create these visionary works of art.  Pulling back from the experience of normal daily life in linear time, the God’s eye view of John’s drawings reveal an unexpected inter-connectedness where time and space flow freely between the past, present, and future, the earthbound and outer-space.  For example, his drawings envision the pyramids of his ancient ancestors as epicenters of an unseen energy that power futuristic spacecraft called ‘marchonaughts’ (phonetic spelling) with magnetized nuclear energy. 

Below (in downtown Sparta, 2016)
left: inspecting two abandoned buildings on the main street that had been proposed as possible conversion by John into ‘marchonaughts’
right: John was hired to help repaint and restore parts of a mural (by another artists)

John Culver; Sparta, GA 2016

John Culver; Sparta, GA 2016

John Culver; Sparta, GA 2019

John does not have gallery representation, but arrangements to view and purchase his work can be made by calling him directly: ‭(478) 232-4841.

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