Henry Hall - Part 2Mobile, Alabama

~Henry Hall B

A slideshow containing images by photographer Fred Scruton.

Southeast Region


Multi-Media Performance Artist

Henry Hall (1932 – 2021)

The Pink House In Mobile

Art Type or Medium: Assemblage; Drawing; Environment/Installation; Painting; Sculpture

Viewable: no

Secular or Religious: Secular

Henry Hall made numerous Mardi Gras costumes, model floats, and found-object sculptures.  He also drew, made spray paintings from custom stencils, and decorated his yard with beads, party hats, and objects from around his neighborhood.  He proudly recalled his U. S. Army service (1953-5), having a traveling dance troupe and running a dance studio in downtown Mobile.  Henry loved to perform for a camera and to show off his album of vintage photographs – in which he stands proudly next to his mother as a dapper young man and appears in numerous exotic costumes throughout his life.  The multitude of Henry’s energetic pursuits came from his irrepressible, joyful, and infectious spirit. 

Henry Hall recalls Carmen Miranda

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